Summer STEM Institute

Predstavljamo inicijativu Summer STEM Institute.


The Summer STEM Institute is an online summer research program for high school students available in throughout the world. It has three components:

1. A research and data science bootcamp designed to teach students of all backgrounds the skills to do science research, computer programming, and data analysis.

2. A “Masterclass” lecture series which will host over 35 highly accomplished speakers who are college-age or recently graduated. The speaker list includes 5 different Forbes 30 under 30 awardees, 2 different 1st Place Regeneron/Intel Science Talent Search Winners, and an International Math Olympiad Gold Medalist. The speakers will discuss their experiences in high school and college and the advice they have for a younger audience of high school and middle school students.

3. Students who are interested can also optionally apply to conduct a research project in a scientific field of interest. SSI will help match students to scientific literature, online datasets, and starting research questions in a field they are interested in. Students who complete a research project will work under SSI’s team of highly accomplished mentors.

This is an opportunity I really wish existed when I was in high school, and I think many at your olympiad program would be really interested as well. Could you please share this opportunity with them?

Here’s a link to the website you could share with interested students: 

If students have any additional questions not answered on the website, they can contact me at this email.