Maths Beyond Limits

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University students from Poland are organizing an international mathematical camp called Maths Beyond Limits and are currently trying to reach high-school students from all over the Europe. Two editions already happened, last one with students from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic. Now they accept students from anywhere.

Maths Beyond Limits is held in Milówka in south Poland (Beskidy Mountains) from the 9th to the 21st of September 2018. It gathers 60 students and around 20 staff. During the camp there are numerous mathematical classes, tons of evening overall-development activities, sports and special events such as a hike, a campfire, mathematical match and some team problem-solving competitions. It’s really great and beneficial for students.

The organisers are doing their best to make MBL free for all the participants (they managed to acquired money from various public and private sources for the last two editions), the participants only need to pay for their travel to and from the camp. This year edition should be also for free, but even if it turns out that there will be a participation fee, it will be no more than 150 euros. The organisers can also help with planning the trip to and from the camp and write a letter to teachers/schools asking the permission for participants’ school absence.

For substantial and more comprehensive information see the the promotional video , camp brochure ( – it’s 144-pages-long, most of which are mathematical materials), their Facebook fanpage and the official website

You can also contact them via the email address – they are more than happy to answer any kind of questions. Application process includes solving Qualifying Quiz problems (till the end of April) as well as filling in Applicant Questionnaire. The easiest way to keep up with all of the information is to follow the Facebook fanpage.